How do I steer my boat or shark in

To move around in, place your finger on the screen and drag in the direction you want to go.

How do I win?

In order to get first place in, you need the highest score at the end of the two minute round. As a boat, you achieve this by rescuing swimmers. As a shark, this is achieved by eating the most swimmers, boats or other obstacles in the water.

How do I score points?

You score points by navigating over objects in the game.

How do I turn into Jaws?

To become Jaws, be the first boat to take down the infamous shark once entering the match, or land the kill shot to another player that is currently Jaws.

What is Dash?

Dash is an extra action you can perform as Jaws, letting you lunge forward in a chosen direction.

How do I Dash as Jaws?

When your meter is full, face the direction you want to go and double tap the screen. Jaws will lunge towards the direction and eat everything in their path.

How do I shoot at Jaws when I am a boat?

Your boat will automatically aim and fire in the same direction as Jaws when they are in range.

What is SuperShot?

SuperShot is an extra action you can perform as a boat, allowing you to fire a more powerful shot at Jaws.

As a boat, how do I use my SuperShot?

When your meter is full, double tap the screen and the boat will fire its powershot in Jaws’ direction.

How do I fill up my meter in order to use my SuperShot or Dash?

By rescuing or eating people and objects in the water, you will incrementally fill up your SuperShot or Dash meter.

How do I set up a multiplayer match in Party Mode?

Tap on the game mode icon in the upper left hand corner and select “Party” mode. At the bottom of the screen, choose whether you want to create a room or join someone else’s game. In order to host a room or join a game, you need the room’s four-digit server code provided when the room is created.

How do I restore purchases when I install on a new device?

Click on the settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In this menu there is a button that reads “Restore Purchases”. If you made purchases for and use the same ID as when you made the account, this will restore those purchases.

How do I unlock skins for sharks and boats?

Skins can be unlocked in various ways, such as earning a certain number of shark points or playing for a consecutive number of days. Most skins can also be unlocked by purchasing them.

How do I get credit for watching ads?

In order to get credit for watching an ad, you must watch the full video ad and not close it before it’s done.

How do I disable ads?

By clicking on the “No Ads” button in the upper right hand corner of the home screen, you may make a purchase that disables any ads that pop up after playing a match of You will still be asked if you want to watch an optional ad for Shark Points.

What are Shark Points?

Shark points represent your progress throughout As you complete matches you will be awarded Shark Points based on how you placed in the match. Placing higher awards you more Shark Points. You may also watch ads in exchange for Shark Points.

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